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wild recipes

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Need help making your life a little more wild? Look no further. Check out our wild ideas:  activities, crafts and recipes that benefit our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and encourage everyone to get outside and closer to nature. For even more inspiration take a peak at our W4L page on Instagram.


apple crumble cake

We have a bumper year for apples. Here's one way you can use these Autumn treats - our delicious recipe for Apple Crumble Cake!


apple butter

It is autumn and apples are in abundance so why not try making our delicious and low sugar Apple Butter?


campfire supper

As the nights are drawing in, creating a campfire supper over a bbq or real fire is a great way to have fun, get outside and stay warm! Just wrap up and enjoy! Try out some of our recipes!


snail fruit leather

Try making our tasty and vitamin-packed Snail Fruit Leather treats today - perfect for children and adults alike...


rosehip & crab apple jam

An autumn classic: Rose Hip and Crab Apple Jam. Perfect on toast or with a cheeky scone!

toffee apples.jpeg

toffee apples

Bonfire Night would not be Bonfire Night without a jaw-breaking toffee apple or two. Why not try making these tasty treats yourself and add our wild twist!


plum clafoutis

A delicious family friendly recipe to use up autumn plums

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nettle and lemon cake

Nettles aren't just a weed to avoid for fear of being stung, they're also edible! They are an excellent blood purifier and extremely high in vitamin C.


hollyhock canape

Hollyhocks are standing tall in gardens right now, but did you know they are edible? Try our pretty and tasty canape recipes.


hawthorn blossom tea

A tea that warms the heart - Discover the healing qualities of Hawthorn Blossom Tea and how to make a brew today!


rosehip toddy

On a cold, crisp bonfire night there's nothing better than a mug of something steaming hot and delicious. Try mixing up our warming Rosehip Toddy.


sloe vodka

One for the adults, but a delicious, sticky alternative to Slow Gin. Give it a go...

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wild seed crackers

Seeds aren't just good for birds.This recipe is super-fast and easy to do and makes a tasty snack that can be enjoyed with some delicious cheese or simply on their own.


garlic mustard pesto

This pot of green goodness contains our delicious Garlic Mustard Pesto - give this foraged treat a go today!


dandelion cupcakes

Weeds never tasted so good: Find out how to make super easy and tasty Dandelion cupcakes.

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