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Wild for Life are on a mission to encourage schools, communities and workplaces to discover the mental and physical benefits of spending more time in the great outdoors, among nature, in the countryside, daylight and fresh air.


Going wild is fun, engaging, good for you, good for your family, your community and available almost anywhere. It will make you feel better about life and that feeling is infectious, before you know it you will be immersed in nature without really thinking about it … what’s stopping you?


The natural world around us plays such an important role in our lives: it benefits our mental state; our physical being; it opens our eyes to new, intellectually stimulating experiences; it revitalises our senses; and it allows us to pause and take a moment for reflection. 

There is increasing evidence that states how important getting outside is for our wellbeing, and how the lack of this exposure is having a detrimental effect on productivity, happiness, health, focus and energy levels in schools, at home, in communities and the workplace.


Wild for Life want to become a catalyst and platform for this exposure. We provide the ideas, the equipment, the expertise and nature provides the classroom, meeting room or community hall. 


We want to make it easy for everyone to connect with nature, and reap the benefits that being outside brings to each and every one of us.

"spending just 2 hours a week outdoors boosts mental and physical wellbeing"

DEFRA [2019]

w4l schools

Nature-led early intervention programmes  delivered from your school grounds.

w4l communities

Events, workshops and activities that focus on togetherness and discovery at a local level. 

w4l workplace

Strategies, courses and away days designed to inspire, motivate and improve employee wellbeing.

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