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In nature, red roses symbolise passion and LOVE and at Wild for Life the thing that we love and really ignites our passion, is the potential to take nature to a much deeper level.


We don’t just advocate the natural world as a destination or an immersive experience that makes us all feel better. We want to make those times transferrable, to ensure that they have a positive impact on our life.


We want to ensure that nature delivers REAL support, LASTING benefits and TRANSFORMATIONAL changes in our lives that take place on an environment that we can delve into for proper self-care and family wellbeing.



We use Nature as a preventative measure to maintain good health: through our Wild Activities, Wild Cooking and Wild Crafting we share articles and advice; and through Webinars, social media and our Newsletter that help you to focus on your self-care and that of those around you.


We use Nature as an early intervention, when we recognise the need for it, by using our Web of Wellbeing to identify areas requiring greater focus.


​We offer relaxed and inspiring Wild Workshops for individuals or groups in need of some wild escapism, as well as 1-1 Coaching and programmes such as Face to Face with Nature which incorporate the natural world on a deeper level. We offer advice, support and extensions to activities that are great fun to do, accessible to us all and enable us to take more from those experiences to support our overall health.



We use Nature as a therapeutic option when we hit those tough problems in life that can seem overwhelming and really impact on our happiness and mental health. We do this through bespoke 1-1 therapeutic coaching sessions such as our Recovery Programme focused on being outside in the natural world.



Most of all we want to inspire EVERYONE to engage more with the huge benefits of the outdoor world. Through our activities we hope to amplify the connection that you make with nature and the wild spaces on your doorstep. Motivated by our ideas we hope to REWILD your homes, your lifestyles your diets and your relationships!

"spending just 2 hours a week outdoors boosts mental and physical wellbeing"

DEFRA [2019]
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