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wild activites for families

Wild for Life understands all families need a little helping hand from time to time to support family well-being. Whether you are a parent or carer looking for ways to support the mental, emotional and physical development of your children, or an organisation which works with families looking for new partners, resources or inspiration, we can help.


Wild for Life has many years of experience in working with individuals, families and groups of all ages to deliver transformational change using the outdoors and nature. As a company we have a broad range of experience of the natural world as well as working with emotional and mental health issues that can be a barrier to living a happier and more fulfilled life.

Through our professional and own personal experiences of using nature to support wellbeing, we have created a variety of resources that can help others to assess their own or their families mental state, take control and make improvements.

wild inspiration for families

Our Wild Ideas section of our website is packed full of activities, recipes and tips to help families use nature to explore relationships, mental health and emotional development. Our social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Facebook, provide a rich magazine of information and ideas for families.

supporting families


haf scheme - wild activity kits

Through the government's HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) scheme we have also been priviledged to work with local authorities, charities, schools and youth organisations to provide them with Wild Activity Kits to support thousands of children who are unable attend in-person activities due to SEND, high levels of anxiety or medical conditions. 

You can read a little more about our work with HAF here.

For more information about our offering to families or our Wild Activities Kits, please contact us.

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