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wild wellbeing workshops for teams

If you are looking to treat your team to something a little different, then you have come to the right place. Wild for Life can offer your organisation the opportunity to take part in an array of bespoke workshops which use nature and the outdoors as a catalyst for positive employee wellbeing.


Our Wild Wellbeing Workshops aim to bring teams together in an invigorating and relaxing outdoor environment or a venue of your choice to take part in a series of inspiring and fun nature-led workshops which focus on personal and team well-being. 

We have worked with public and private sector organisations, charities, schools and more to deliver workshops which are engaging, relaxing, inspiring or adventurous activities that meet team's requirements.

We can incorporate craft, cooking, foraging and sensory activities into your event and can include locally sourced refreshments and gifts.

If you think your team deserves a treat and time together to focus on wellbeing, please do get in touch.

wild wellbeing workshops
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