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First and foremost our credibility comes from our PASSION! This isn't just our work, it is our WAY OF LIFE! It is what each of our team live and breathe in our homes, with our families and yes - lucky for us - in our work too.

Our passion is backed up by experience, knowledge, qualifications, accreditations and partnerships.

For instance...

... We have over 14 years working in Mental Health and Outdoor Learning.

... Our team has worked in education, community engagement, mental health, outdoor pursuits, commercial business and the charitable sector.

... We also have backgrounds and expertise in agriculture, woodland management, bush-craft and forest school, mindfulness, foraging, ecology and nature studies.

... We are linked with local outdoors, countryside, wildlife and community organisations including:

... Through our sister company The Seeds of Change we are also affiliated with:

Alongside The Seeds of Change, we have been selected as a finalist in the Rural Business Awards for the Eastern region.

"90% of adults played outside regularly as children. today, 1 in 3 children say they don't play out at all"

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Nature-led early intervention programmes  delivered from your school grounds.

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Events, workshops and activities that focus on togetherness and discovery at a local level. 

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Strategies, courses and away days designed to inspire, motivate and improve employee wellbeing.

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