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First and foremost our credibility comes from our PASSION! This isn't just our work, it is our WAY OF LIFE! It is what each of our team live and breathe in our homes, with our families and yes - lucky for us - in our work too.

Our passion is backed up by experience, knowledge, qualifications, accreditations and partnerships.


For the past 15 years Rachael Frossell  ( our Founder) has been a Director of @theseedsofchange and seen first hand the benefits that vulnerable young people with emotional and mental health problems can gain from being outside around horses.


Rachael is passionate about improving life chances for disadvantaged young people, but believes that some of the skills that her and her team have acquired over the years can be adopted by parents, families and companies to take greater control of their own wellbeing.


“We wanted to take some of the skills we have learned and roll them out to more people on a much wider scale using something more accessible than horses – Nature”


“We believe that by educating parents and companies more about the benefits of being outside and sharing with them some fun activities to extend that experience, that in itself can help to improve wellbeing.

We also want to share our WEB OF WELLBEING which enables people to assess their own mental and physical health as a matter of routine, it will increase their awareness of any problems that may be looming.


We also want to go further than this though, we want people to know how to TAKE GREATER CONTROL over their own self-care and that of those around them and this is where our workshops, courses and other online resources really can educate people about how they can make lasting changes to improve their lives.


And the best thing about all of this is that ANYONE can learn to do it and ITS ON OUR DOORSTEP or OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW, you don’t need to live in the countryside to use it.

We are members of the Institute of Outdoor Learning and are constantly developing our CPD and refining our nature-led activities to ensure you receive the best advice and support when joining one of our workshops or events.

We have over 14 years working in Mental Health and Outdoor Learning, our programmes are devised and delivered by our WILD coaches who have experience in education and delivering therapeutic programmes.

Our team has worked in education, community engagement, mental health, outdoor pursuits, conservation, commercial business and the charitable sector.

We also have backgrounds and expertise in agriculture, woodland management, bush-craft and forest school, mindfulness, foraging, ecology and nature studies.


Our Wild Activities, Wild Cooking and Wild Crafting are all tried and tested by us.

We are linked with local outdoors, countryside, wildlife and community organisations including:

Through our sister company Stable & Wild we are also affiliated with:

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"90% of adults played outside regularly as children. today, 1 in 3 children say they don't play out at all"

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