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Need help making your life a little more wild? Look no further. Check out our wild ideas:  activities, crafts and recipes that benefit our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and encourage everyone to get outside and closer to nature. For even more inspiration take a peak at our W4L Communities page on Instagram.


festive potions

This activity is a great one and can be used for lots of different things, but in this example you can use each of the resources to represent feelings and talk about what each one represents as it is added to the potion.


stubborn stars

Creating these beautiful decorations is great way to encourage your child to think about the consequences of pushing boundaries. It’s also a good way to use up some of the cardboard boxes from the Christmas deliveries!


autumn wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. Use a wreath to brighten up your door at any time of year...try making our Autumn wreath which celebrates this seasons warm colours.


mud emojis

Mud Emojis -

A classic forest school activity, but with a W4L twist...


natural dye

Tie-dying with a wild twist. Find out how to make natural dye and wild patterns.


festive friends

Making a stick friend can facilitate conversations to help your child express themselves.
You can use this activity to make a face to represent different family members or emotions.

autumn scavenger hunt W4L.jpg

autumn scavenger hunt

Autumn is a season full of colour, change and activity.  Download our scavenger hunt to help you to discover this season's marvels of nature.


pea shooter

Unleash the Dennis the Menace in you and make a simple pea shooter - great fun for all the family!


floral scented sugar

Floral Scented Sugar -

A little bit of sugar never hurt anyone, particularly when it is as delicious as this...


frozen feelings

Physical anxiety is common and this activity can help to understand what may be at the root of it. Freezing emotions and feelings in the ice can help your child to feel more in control of those.

IMG-20201021-WA0023 (1).jpg

halloween decorations

Have a go at making some of our SPOOKTACTULAR Halloween Decorations - fangtastic wreaths and table centres. 


mini veg patches

Growing your own veg has never been easier - check out our ideas for creating your own mini veg patches using recycled materials. A great activity for children.


sensory bouquet

Edible, scented and beautiful - try making our Sensory Bouquet for a loved one or to say thanks.

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