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emotional fragility

This is part of a series of articles focusing on assessing and maintaining our wellbeing. All of these posts are linked to our Web of Wellbeing, with this one focusing on Emotional Fragility and how stable are our emotions right now?

Pretty much everyone you talk to is experiencing fluctuations in their emotions. We can feel positive and energised some days and other days we feel like crying and sometimes it’s hard to understand why. 


When we take time to reflect on the last year it is still hard to get our heads around what has happened and still IS happening. The impact on our lives is immense. As we all do our best to cope, support, focus, and maintain some sense of sanity, sometimes it all feels A LOT to deal with.

The main thing is to accept our feelings. Accept that we are all emotionally fragile and that unless we focus on our own self care then we cannot focus on the care and support of others.

So here are our 5 Top Tips for improving our emotional fragility...

  1. manage expectations, both your own and those of others around you.

  2. plan the things that are truly important to you and make sure you schedule the time for them.

  3. talk to others if you are feeling emotional, try not to bottle up emotions, it's good to share - everyone is finding these times tough. remember, you are not weak and you are not alone.

  4. identify activities that make you feel better. being outside, exercising or just sitting, can be a good way to clear out your head.

  5. don't be afraid to let feelings out... cry, shout, sing, dance, hug a tree, walk barefoot in the mud, it doesn't matter how you do it, just get those emotions aired. take yourself to a quiet space (preferably outside) and let your emotions go wild for once!


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