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Wild Activity Kits


Watch this space...later this month (July21) we will be launching our new, exiting Wild Activity Kits to the general public, just in time for the Summer Holidays. Created for families with children ages 3-12 years old, the kits contain wild, nature-led activities which aim to inspire confidence and positivity through adventure and self-discovery.  Not only this, but the kits allow parents and carers to develop a better understanding of their child's wellbeing, build relationships and create lasting memories together outdoors with nature. Find out more about our new kits here


The  1:1 Programme

1:1 Nature Led Coaching can help you to understand what is at the root of your feelings through being Outside and around Nature. It can help you to make changes in your daily life that can make a lasting difference.

Children from aged 4 through to adults of any age can all benefit.

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The Holiday
Activity Fund Kits

If you are a school or local authority who have funding for the Holiday Activity and Food Programme why not talk to us about what Wild for Life can offer in your region to help children already coping with setbacks in life to benefit from this experience.


Corporate Wellbeing Days

Our Wild Wellbeing Days aim to bring employees together in an invigorating and relaxing outdoor environment to take part in a series of inspiring and fun nature-led workshops which focus of wellbeing. Participants will also be treated to a sumptuous outdoor lunch or afternoon tea which showcases local and foraged produce.

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