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our wild activity kits supporting haf this easter

Over the last couple of years we have been fortunate to partner with a number of local authorities in the UK to support and supplement their #HAF Fund programmes (Holiday and Food Activity Fund). This fund was set up by central government to allow local authorities to provide activities and meals to children who access free school meals during the school holiday periods. These children and families tend to be the most vulnerable and in need of support.

Many of the programmes are face to face, however local authorities hsve supplemented their schemes supplying our Wild Activity Kits to children as a take home or to those harder to reach families who are unable to access face to face activities.

This #Easter we are supplying our Wild Activity Kits to @buckscouncil and they will be given to hundreds of families in their area. Our kits are themed around spring and 'change' and contain nature inspired activities which promote healthy living and improved wellbeing. As well as Activity instructions and equipment, the kits also contain advice, tips and tools for children and adults about how to deal with change. The aim of each kit is support and inspire families to lead confident, healthy and positive lives.

If you would like to know more about our Wild Activity kits, click here We also have a limited amount still available to purchase online through our shop.


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