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get crafty and inspired by nature

At Wild for Life we love a bit of Wild Crafting! We always seize the opportunity to use natural resources to decorate our homes, make thoughtful gifts, learn new skills or make things smell nice. Perhaps we want to save on the expense of forking out for mass produced impersonal items, when we have access to all of the free stuff around us that is so much more unique? But mostly, I think it’s because we really ENJOY making and crafting and then sharing our experiences with each other and you! None of us have been trained to arrange flowers or to cook professionally, but we are all interested in trying new things and exploring the potential of nature’s garden or pantry. Some of the things we try go horribly wrong (like our elderflower champagne, or my rosehip syrup - twice in succession) but we keep on trying, tasting and perfecting, because we LOVE it! When I consider why I am motivated to make natural oils or scented sugars, it’s not because I NEED them in my life, but mo

re because the whole process of making them is itself really therapeutic. I do it because it helps me to relax and its fun. Crafting and the arts actually has been proven in clinical studies to improve mental health, to reduce depression and aid wellbeing. In a survey carried out by the General Archives of Psychiatry a study of 3500 knitters demonstrated that 81 % of those who had depression all felt happier as a result of knitting!

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