wild activity kits

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Our Wild Activity Kits are aimed at schools, parents and carers who wish to support the emotional, physical and educational development and wellbeing of their children through nature and outdoor-led activities. 


Each amazing kit provides adults with the tools and tips to assess the wellbeing of their child in a specific area (i.e. confidence) and guide their child through four wild, engaging and fun activities which aim to strengthen key aspects of the kit theme.  The aim of each kit is to inspire confident, positive living through adventure and self-discovery and to develop knowledge and awareness of the natural world. They also support the core themes of health and wellbeing within the National Curriculum.



The Big Kit of Confidence is the first of our Wild Activity kits available for schools. The kit focuses on developing a sense of confidence and self-belief in children between the ages of 3-10.  Children in this age group are beginning to take important stepping-stones towards independence, whether that be starting school, developing and choosing friendships, dealing with new environments and social situations, and fending for themselves in the most basic of ways (eating, dressing, communicating effectively and regulating emotions). Recent PSHE Curriculum changes focus on the core themes of health and wellbeing and living in the wider world and the Big Kit of Confidence advocates this by meeting the needs of all children.


The kit provides teaching staff or classroom assistants with the tools and advice which will help their children to build a path towards confidence through a series of wildly adventurous and imaginative core activities and extensions that are inspired by nature and improving wellbeing. It can be used to support and enhance current wider-world or PSHE activities within the school timetable, including forest school. Additionally, it encourages children to explore new ideas and places by themselves, take risks, make decisions, or to take the lead in social and physical learning situations. The latest update from KCSIE 2021 states that allowing opportunities for children to grow up in safe but explorative environments will enable the best possible outcomes. It will provide them with a solid platform from which they can develop into independent, motivated, and positive-spirited children, teenagers and, ultimately, adults.

For teachers, the FULL kit contains resources for 4 activities and a detailed information and instruction booklet to guide them through each activity with their child, so they are able assess their child’s strengths in different areas and discover where they need extra support and guidance to develop in a positive way. There are also key questions and observations to ask or note which maximise the effectiveness of each task, and extensions which enable them to continue to build on the theme of the activity e.g. decision making or self-esteem.


For pupils, there are a series of fun and nature-led activities which take them on a magical journey and aim to develop particular areas of their personalities, emotions or behaviours. They will learn new skills, gain greater confidence in their ability, become more resilient and fearless and develop greater self-awareness and self-belief.


We are confident the kit is a great example of how schools can demonstrate their creative thinking in-line with their Pupil Premium and Recovery funding strategy in how supporting children with their social and emotional wellbeing is at the heart of what they do.

​If you would like to know more about how to purchase these kits for your school, or would like a small taster kit FREE of charge, then please contact us via info@wildforlife.co.uk for full details of how to order.

As an introductory offer we are offering 10% off all orders placed before 1st December 2021. Simply quote W4LKITS20 when you email your order to info@wildforlife.co.uk.