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pea shooters

Embrace your inner “Dennis the Menace” with another great stick activity.  Pea shooters are great fun to make and even more fun to use.

Look for Elder trees or bushes when you are out for a walk. They are covered in clusters of small white flowers in spring (think elderflower cordial), small green berries in early summer (great to use as peas for your pea shooter) and inky purple berries in early Autumn.

Cut a length of elder approx the thickness of your finger.
Elder is great for pea shooters because it has a soft center that is easy to hollow out with something like a skewer.

Once it is hollowed out you are GOOD TO GO!

Children love pea shooters. Making these helps to develop fine motor skills and if you show your children how to identify and cut the elder using secateurs or loppers and then sit with them while they hollow out the branch, you will find it’s something they will love doing.

Pea shooters should not be aimed at faces but otherwise can be safe and SUCH fun.

Why not make one for yourself too, or even one for everyone in your household? Make target board and practice your aim, or hold a competition to see who can shoot the furthest.

Go on, go WILD and release your inner child...


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