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explorer kit gift idea

If you are stuck for ideas for children this Christmas, why not gift them a personalised Wild Explorer Kit?


We have created some examples and highlighted a couple of smaller independent suppliers, but you can really include anything that you feel is age appropriate for your child and fits their own interests best.


All great explorers need a bag for their adventures and this ruck sack is the perfect size for kids and has enough space to fill up will all of their expedition essentials.


We have also included some FREE to download instruction sheets to help them with some of the adventures on their way.


  1. make a kite instruction sheet

  2. make a kite template

  3. flag template

  4. den building instruction sheet

  5. knots instruction sheet


What to include?


A tarp, some pegs, came face paint, and rope for den building. There's also a piece of calico for making a flag to fly once you have claimed your territory, to warn enemies to stay away.


For all mini-beast hunters, there is a bug pot, magnifying glass, pocket ID book. You could include some pencils and a journal too so they can draw what they find.


For the more adventurous risk takers then there's some kindling and a strike for fire lighting, (but remember to include a heat protective glove and support your child if they are fire lighting.) You could pop in a mug and some hot chocolate too, so you can enjoy a warm brew when all of the hard work is done.


There's a kite string for them to make a fly their own kite and don’t forget to download our instructions above. You could add paints to the kit or encourage children to find their own wild additions from the hedgerow to decorate the kite. 


All explorers need things like a compass, a head torch and some chalk to help navigate or to leave a trail for others to follow. They need to know how to tie knots to secure shelters and so the downloadable knot guide will be a great help and so will things like rope, string and para cord.


Gifting a wild adventure is not only cost effective, but it's personal and can be added to and used over and over again throughout the year.


One of these kits can be put together for less than £20 and they are a gift that children will enjoy for months ahead.

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