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fish in paper

We absolutely LOVE campfire cooking and this recipe is just delicious and really easy to make.  Children can get involved and it’s a good way to encourage them to try some different foods.

We have used Sardines for this recipe, but you can use any fish on the bone.  We like to cook it on the bone because it retains its shape and tastes delicious that way.

Rub oil over the fish and put it onto 3 sheets of newspaper.


Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Add lemon, lime or orange juice (citrus works well, but you could add tomatoes or garlic) ... let your imagination go wild and try different combinations.

Add some herbs- we have added sage and thyme, but rosemary, tarragon and dill all work well. You could slice some fennel too if you like the flavour.

Wrap the fish into a parcel and secure with string.

Then “dunk” the whole thing into a bucket of water. This prevents the paper from burning and helps to steam the fish inside the package.

When your campfire has burned down to the embers stage, just lay the paper parcels onto the embers for around 10-15 mins (if you are using bigger fish, increase the time). Turn half way through.

That’s it... Fish in Paper-
simple, delicious and great served with campfire potatoes and salad.


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