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hollyhock canapes & capers

Hollyhocks are EVERYWHERE at the moment, towering above the rest of the plants in the garden, with such beautiful hues of soft pink through to dark rich burgundies.  But did you know that these are among so many edible flowers from our gardens, that can also look and taste good on our plate?

How about trying out our Hollyhock canape ideas, for a tasty summer snack or starter?

stuffed hollyhocks

Here's a quick and simple recipe using the hollyhock flowers.


We added some beetroot powder and capers to some goats cheese in one bowl,  and in another we mixed soft cheese and mixed herbs from the garden with a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper. 

Lay the flowers out on some kitchen paper for a few mins so any little bugs can escape and then spoon some of each of the cheese mixtures into the centres of the flowers and wrap into mini parcels.


They made a bright tasty starter at a recent BBQ and they were quite a talking point too!


hollyhock capers

Another tasty way to use Hollyhocks is to make 'capers'.  To make the pickles, cover the Hollyhock buds with white wine vinegar and add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar (for a slightly sweeter pickle). Pour into a half litre kilner jar and leave for 2 weeks, then tuck in!


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