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fruit leather snails

Fancy giving these delicious and healthy fruity snails a try? Absolutly no slime in sight!

Packed with vitamins from all of the fresh fruit, they are simple to make and children (and adults!) will love them.

Take approx 500g of fruit - we used a mixture of summer berries in this picture. You can use any, fresh or frozen.  If using soft fruits such as berries, peaches or apricots there's no pre-cooking involved, just blend into a smoothie mixture.  Alternatively, if you fancy giving apples, pears or any hard fruits a try, peel and chop them and gently soften over the hob before blending.  You can add a sweetener such as maple syrup or honey to taste.

Spread the mixture onto baking parchment leaving a little gap around the edge.  The mixture should be about 2mm thick.

Put into an oven on a low heat for approx 7 hours.

We cooked these at 75 degrees for 8 hrs in a fan oven setting.

Once the leather has dried and cooked you can roll them up and make them into snails, worms or anything else your imagination drives you to create.

These are great for lunchboxes and picnics.  They are also a fantastic way to use up fruit in the summer and autumn if you have fruit trees and bushes in your garden.


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