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christmas 2020

wild ideas for... christmas
sound asleep for santa

suitable for all ages, independently or as a group

you will need:

Something to make a frame - sticks and string or a wire coat-hanger

Wool or string to attach your items to the frame

A selection of natural resources (feathers, long ferns, berries or evergreens such as conifers are great this time of year).

Don’t forget sticks if you want to make your own frame.

wild advice:
Is your child finding it difficult to get to sleep? Are they unable to settle, waking regularly or having nightmares? Perhaps they are suddenly afraid of the dark, or afraid of a strange man coming into their home at night while they are asleep? Not all children are able to process the idea of letting Santa into their home, it goes against all of the parental messages we give them for the rest of the year!

This activity can be used to help your child to feel more secure as they go to bed at night and help to settle them if they do wake.

getting started :
- Collect some wild natural resources. These can be collected over time or you can go out specifically to find them.
- Make a frame, either by tying sticks together (we have made a Christmas tree with wool and hazel sticks) or by shaping your metal coat hanger into a circle and securing it.
- Start to tie items onto the frame with wool.
- These can be different lengths to hang from your dream catcher, or threaded around the frame.
- Moss and evergreens are great natural resources as they don’t lose their colour, so your dream catcher will look great through to the new year.

for an extra festive feeling you can add baubles or ribbon to your frame as we have on our christmas tree

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-10 at

sleep problems

Lots of things can disrupt our children’s sleep, particularly as Christmas comes around.

Some children may have a fear of Santa Claus himself, or others may just be so excited they find it hard to drift off at night.

Dream catchers are always great to make, they can be as crazy and wild as you like.

Why not add some lights or extra sparkle to your dream catcher and hang it beside your child’s bed.

Alternatively, you could make one from natural materials and leave it at the front door to stop fears from entering the house.

Willow makes a great frame for bendy shapes like snow men!

Pine cones and moss add different textures and work well on an outside dream catcher.

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