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Wild for Life are on a mission to encourage schools, communities and workplaces to discover the mental and physical benefits of spending more time in the great outdoors, among nature, in the countryside, enjoying daylight and fresh air.

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Nature-led early intervention programmes  delivered from your school grounds.

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Events, workshops and activities that focus on togetherness and discovery at a local level. 

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Strategies, courses and away days designed to inspire, motivate and improve employee wellbeing.

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October 20

We know that we all FEEL better when we are or have been outside in the fresh air, but how does that actually link to a REAL improvement in our health?  Compared to many other health improvement options for ourselves and our children why is  NATURE so good?

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October 20

Find out more about our Recovery and 1:1 Programmes; using nature and the outdoors to support children as they start to emerge out of one environment and make the transition towards a different one.

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wild ideas

October 20

Let us inspire you with some of our wild activities, crafts, recipes and wellbeing ideas for adults and children.  All our ideas support healthy living and emotional, mental physical wellbeing with a wild twist!

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the big five

October 20

Check out our new section, 'The Big Five' - featuring our top five wild tips on everything from how to help children who worry through to how to how to plan the wildest picnic ever!

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