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stress & anxiety

This is part of a series of articles focusing on assessing and maintaining our wellbeing. All of these posts are linked to our Web of Wellbeing, with this one looking at stress and anxiety.

As discussions about the festive season start to increase, so can those feelings of stress and anxiety. It is always a time of year where there feels a lot of pressure for everyone to have a good time. This year however, will be different on every level.

Some of us will be separated from our families, may have financial concerns or have lost a loved one this year. There are still lots of worries about Covid and there are decisions to make around what to do and who to share the festive period with. There can be a lot pressure to ensure everyone has a good time. Sometimes it can all feel too much.

If any of this resonates with you then don’t worry, you are NOT alone. Share your feelings with friends or family and remember that this year will be different for everyone. Manage yours and others expectations and include your children in age appropriate conversations about what Christmas really means to you and your family this year.

Because it will be different this year, why not MAKE it different, take the opportunity to approach this time with a blank sheet of paper. Remodel and simplify what you do and allow some time to rest as well as celebrate.

Nature and the outdoors can help on so many levels to reduce our stress and anxieties and so we have put together 5 Top Tips for relieving some of the festive frustrations...

  1. walk barefoot on the grass or in the mud - feel it squish between your toes and your anxiety will squelch away.

  2. spend more time in natural daylight to improve sleep and help relaxation.

  3. clear the air in your home or office with a houseplant, ivy or peace lilies are great.

  4. peppermint has been known to reduce stress, so why not mix up a brew of peppermint tea and sip away the stresses of the day.

  5. lavender has many uses, but infused in oil or placed in a bedroom, it can aid relaxation and calm your mood. it looks so pretty too.

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