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pond submarine

 Beneath the surface of the water, there's an unseen world of amazing wildlife ready to be discovered. Get dipping!


things you need

  • A large recycled clear plastic bottle.

  •  Scissors

  •  Masking or PVC tape

  • A Jamjar to dip into the pond to collect and observe your creatures more closely.


·  Approach the water quietly and move slowly. This will give you the best chance to see the wildlife, not only in the water but also by the water's edge.

·  Once you’re at the water’s edge, look into the water first. This will give you a moment to see where you can launch your submarine to get the best view possible.

·  When you are safely set up and ready, slowly lower your submarine into the water and gently push down below the surface. Be careful not to push it too deep otherwise your submarine will fill with water and sink!

·  Once the submarine is just below the surface of the water look through the window and you will be able to see all of the little creatures and minibeasts that are swimming about.

·  Keep safe around water. Always have an adult present and be very careful as the edge of a pond can be slippery.

·  When you've finished observing you can then lower your jam jar into the water to collect some of the mini beasts to observe more closely. Always remember to return them gently back into the water when you have finished.



  • Wash out your clear bottle, put the lid back on and then lay it on its side and with a felt tip, mark out an oblong along with the bottle.

  • Using your scissors ( you may want to get an adult to help with this) cut around the square to make an opening and remover the plastic piece.

  • If you want to finish off the edge with some tape to make it more sturdy then add it now.

  • Newts, toads, frogs and even grass snakes may be lurking in the water.

  • Also look for caddisflies, damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, pond skaters, snails and water beetles.

pond 2.jpg


Immersing yourself in another, unfamiliar world is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience.


For those children who are perhaps worried about getting their feet wet, the mud or the pond creatures, try to reassure them and gently let them build up confidence by working together and leading by example by getting your feet wet too! 


For those who want to rush straight in, try to create calm by explaining the risks and creating focus through mindful activities like listening to the sounds around you, the water trickling, the birds nearby before you put your submarine into the water.

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