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Our sessions focus on developing new skills, opening our eyes to the world around us and using nature to tap into our minds and bodies in healthy and surprising ways. 

Go wild in Schools...

In schools, we believe the National Curriculum and Ofsted expectations can be met and exceeded by linking emotional well-being and academic progress to the wider world around us.​


Creating links with actual experiential learning enables development within and outside school in a seamless way. It enriches and deepens the learning experience and makes it fun for all. It doesn’t feel like school at all and learning happens as a by-product of activity rather than something ‘being imposed’ onto our children.

Go wild in Communities...

We believe communities have the power to improve the lives of everyone who lives within them.

Inclusive and accepting communities can provide emotional, physical and practical support to people of all ages and backgrounds and generally achieve great things when pulled together with a purpose.


What is even more exciting is that this can all be done using what our environment provides us with. No special equipment, no expensive joining fees – engaging with nature offers the backdrop and support for communities to grow and flourish.

Go wild in the workplace...

What if work was good for our wellbeing? Imagine if each day we felt valued, energised, positive and excited about going to work?

Why not work towards that? Employers and employees appreciating the mutual benefit of getting outside into the fresh air and de-stressing. Enabling us to manage our emotions and physical health, reduce stress and anxiety and become more productive in our work and home environments. How good would that feel?


"exposure to the great outdoors can improve depression, ease anxiety and reduce stress.""

The Woodland Trust [2019]

w4l schools

Nature-led early intervention programmes  delivered from your school grounds.

w4l communities

Events, workshops and activities that focus on togetherness and discovery at a local level. 

w4l workplace

Strategies, courses and away days designed to inspire, motivate and improve employee wellbeing.

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Find out how we can help your school, community or workplace by contacting us today.

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