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This is part of a series of articles focusing on assessing and maintaining our wellbeing. All of these posts are linked to our Web of Wellbeing, with this one looking at our mental strength and stability.

Many of us will have felt our thoughts or feelings spiraling erratically out of control at some point in the last few months. No matter how calm and stable we are there will be times when our emotions spill over, when our patience expires and we become just a little bit crazy for a while!

Over the festive period, our limits can easily be reached more quickly. There can be a lot of pressure to make this time of year special and on top of the other things we have ALL had to cope with this year, we may be closer to that point of exploding than we realise.

If we don’t consider our own self care then we risk more serious damage to our health. It is also taking responsibility for ourselves to practice routines that keep us healthy. Emotional, erratic and unpredictable mood swings or outbursts are not only damaging for us, they are also damaging for those around us - particularly children.


So we have put together 5 Top Tips to keep our mood as calm and relaxed as possible over the festive season...

  1. try to identify what is at the root of your feelings so you are addressing the right thing.

  2. stamping in puddles or smashing ice can release pent up emotion.

  3. pulling clumps of moss apart is strangely satisfying and the texture can really help us to calm down.

  4. find some sticks from your walk and break them or use them to make craft items. focusing on making can help to switch off and is like mindfulness - relaxing and soothing.

  5. hug a tree. we always say it, but really wrapping your arms around a tree and giving it a big strong hug can slow your heart rate, relax muscles, release tension and generally help you to feel grounded and loved.

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