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This is part of a series of articles focusing on assessing and maintaining our wellbeing. All of these posts are linked to our Web of Wellbeing, with this one focusing on how our home environment can impact our feeling over the festive period.

For many of us our home environments will have changed dramatically in the last few months. Formerly a place to gather and rest up with our loved ones our homes may feel very different now. Being at home more and making homes into multi use spaces may have resulted in more clutter. Repurposing some rooms and spaces to make room for school time or zoom time!

You may feel like your home has been invaded if you were used to having space and time there when everyone else was out. Instead it could feel like everyone is on top of each other.

However much we care for those we live with, being in close proximity for extended periods means the dynamic may have changed and perhaps that makes your home feel different.

The festive period is likely to compound some of those feelings and so our Top Tips may give you some ideas about how to reclaim your home and restore some harmony to support your family wellbeing through to the new year...

  1. declutter. make space for feeling festive, in your home (and your head).

  2. put photos of family or lovely memories near to natural tea light candles, to encourage time and thought as you pass them. you could make one of our natural tea light holders with your children to reflect about that person (see wild ideas).

  3. bring the outside in. plants and greenery literally help to purify the air and make us feel better too.

  4. fill your home with fabulous smells that you love. fresh pine, oranges with cloves or cinnamon are all great.

  5. focus on the positives by making a festive nature inspired memory box. select items from nature that remind you of those you love and the memories you have shared. take it in turns to put your items into the box, taking the time to talk about the thoughts and feelings associated with them. but remember they can only be positives!

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