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This is part of a series of articles focusing on assessing and maintaining our wellbeing. All of these posts are linked to our Web of Wellbeing, with this one looking at our health and appearance.

It may seem a trivial matter to some, but our appearance can make SUCH a difference about how we feel and cope. If we haven’t got our nails done, our hair needs washing and we stop focusing on how we look in the way we normally would, then it can make us feel a bit rubbish.

That’s why, finding the time for self care is SO important. The point is that YOU get to choose how to spend that time and if you want to paint your nails, put on a face mask, soak in the bath or just dress up in your party clothes for dinner at home, you SHOULD do it, because it means something to YOU.

Although we may not be able to get to the shops right now, there are some really great natural products that can be made at home and can still deliver loads of benefits to skin, hair and body.

So why not stock up your fridge or start collecting a little nature based pamper hamper that can keep you glowing all the way through to the New Year!

Here are our 5 Top Tips to get you started.

  1. brighten and freshen your skin by making a natural scrub. honey, oats, eggs or even pumpkins can make great nourishing potions to leave you feeling sparkling!

  2. get your festive frizz under control and transform your locks with a natural hair conditioner using eggs and apple cider vinegar or a banana hair mask.

  3. soften and relax your muscles with a natural infused oil. lavender or dandelion make great infusions. check out our wild ideas for recipes.

  4. get the blood pumping round your body and colour in your cheeks with a brisk outdoor walk on a chilly day.

  5. eat loads of fresh vegetables and drink lots of water to accompany your christmas tipple and keep you hydrated through to the new year.

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