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wild ideas

frozen feelings

suitable for all ages independently or as part of a group

you will need:

  • A selection of natural items, the brighter the colours the better

  • An ice cube tray or silicone soap or cake mould

  • Twine or string

  • Water

why not add some glitter or food colouring to make these really bright and colourful for some extra christmas sparkle

wild advice:
How many times do we see children biting their finger nails or fidgeting, finding it hard to sit still? Physical anxiety is common and this activity can help to understand what may be at the root of it.

Freezing emotions and feelings in the ice can help your child to feel more in control of those.

As the shapes melt, think about how the shapes change and how things look different at different times. or how the ice allows them to slowly melt away.

getting started:
- Gather sticks, berries or Christmas sparkles and food colouring.
- Decide which resource represents a feeling or a person - perhaps each compartment could represent a place. Add the resources to the compartment and discuss them as you do the activity.
- Cut lengths of twine and place in the corners of the mould.
- Carefully fill the compartments with water.
- Freeze.


signs of physical anxiety
Does your child appear to be anxious or fidgeting more than usual? Biting nails, fiddling with objects, finding it difficult to focus their mind or even pulling hair, scratching or more?

It can be easy to overlook that behaviour, but this activity can help to understand what may be causing that.

Hanging these up outside on a cold day is another way to encourage children outside and you can watch as they gradually melt away!

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