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scented floral sugar

A little bit of sugar never hurt anyone, particularly when it is as delicious as this...

Many of the more common garden flowers not only look pretty, smell gorgeous, but they also taste good too.  And scented sugars are one way you can use all these flowers in your cooking. They taste delicious, look lovely and can add that little extra something to your culinary masterpieces.
  So simple to do and a great activity to do with children (although it is quite a challenge to keep little fingers out of the sugar!).


Collect up an array of edible flower petals - we use dried rose petals, fresh rose petals and lilac flowers for these, but you could also use lavender - it’s scent makes a lovely sugar that’s perfect for lemon posset or for a pavlova, decorated with tiny pieces of lavender too.

Take a clean, sterile recycled glass jar and decant your sugar and flowers into the jar - either pre-mix your sugar and flowers before decanting or layer them for different effects.

Once made and sealed with a clean lid, add a mop top from scrap fabric and a hand printed label and they make a pretty addition to your cupboard or a thoughtful gift for someone at a time like this.

These flowers are scented and edible, but always check if your flowers are safe to eat and don’t use ones that may have been sprayed or are near roadsides.

If in any doubt don’t use them.


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