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january 2021

It seems that more and more of us are being faced with having to self isolate because we have been in contact with someone who has the virus or alternatively we may have contracted it ourselves.


Perhaps we are vulnerable and are shielding, or looking maybe after someone else in that situation? Either way, spending extended periods alone can be a difficult time and it can be helpful to look at some simple and natural ways to ease the feelings of isolation.


Apart from the feelings of shock and uncertainty that inevitably arise, there is also the physical restriction that this imposes on our lives and our liberty. A situation where not leaving our home, or even our bedroom, may become our new reality for 10 days.


Obviously following NHS medical guidance is important, as is seeking help and advice for any arising health conditions, but there are also some simple things that we can do, to remain connected to nature and the outdoors.


Retaining the contact with the world outside our home is important and helpful. We know that mental and physical health can be positively impacted by only 30 minutes spent outdoors. Even when inside “Biophilia”  (humans innate tendency to seek out connections with nature ) …. has been proven to aid relaxation and recovery and support good mental health.


It therefore stands to reason that by remaining connected to nature when we are unwell or unable to leave our home is going to support our overall wellbeing.


So here are our 5 Top Tips for using nature and the outdoor world to support us at this time:


For more information on nhs guidance for self isolation


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