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a wreath for every season

Autumn is a beautiful season, full of rich, warm colours.  The foliage and flowers at this time of year glow and radiate hues of red, orange, yellow, tan, pink and deep chestnut. Shrubs and bushes are brimming with berries and hips of all shapes and sizes.  So what better time to use this inspiring palate from nature to create something beautiful and scented for your home?

So why not try making an Autumn wreath?  If you collect up foliage from your garden or on a walk, it is a cheap and very satisfying activity to do on your own or with friends and family.

Firstly, purchase an oasis ring of any size. These are inexpensive and can be bought from florists, garden centres and online. Soak the oasis in a bucket or sink filled with water until it is saturated.

When the oasis is saturated, tie a piece of ribbon or string in a loop around the top of the ring.

Collect up foliage and flowers from your garden, local parks, woodland or countryside. Try to collect sprigs which are differing textures, sizes and colours.

Some of the items we recommend using include:

Hydrangea heads and leaves

Woody herbs such as rosemary, lavender or thyme





Fallen autumn leaves




Adding herbs will create a heady sensory experience on your doorstep.

Separate your foliage into types and using sharp scissors or secateurs create springs with an angled point.

Start to fill out your wreath with each type of foliage and flowers in a clockwise motion, leaving room for standout flowers such as hydrangea. Plug any gaps with moss or little pieces of foliage or berries.

Then adorn your door with your beautiful creation. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, they are for all seasons!


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