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Image by Anthony Lee

autumn ideas

wild ideas for... autumn
collect - your natural resource box

Autumn is the perfect time to collect up interesting items for your Natural Resources Box.  Look for different textures, colours, shapes, objects that are rigid and others that are flexible, things with scents...the list goes on.

Here's a list of items that we'll be searching for on our walks this season and ideas how to use them:

sticks and twigs - all shapes and sizes, bendy, rigid, curly.  Use them simply for mark making in mud or puddles, pooh sticks on a bridge, try making a frame for wild weaving, a dream catcher to keep nightmares at bay, a magic wand for halloween witches or wizards, campfires, or our halloween wreath.  They are so versatile and an essential part of your kit.

pine cones - use them in decorations, wreaths. Roll them in play dough or paint and observe the patterns. Turn them into bird feeders by stuffing them with suet, seeds and berries.

feathers - try hunting for beautiful ones from pheasants or birds of prey. Feathers come in all shapes and sizes and can used to paint and write, as a sensory tool, attaching to things, and general crafts.

autumn leaves - beautiful rich colours and shapes, perfect for incorporating into pictures, mobiles and wreaths. Try leaf rubbing or look at the trees and try to pair up the leaves with the trees.

conkers - collect and attach to a string for a game of conkers, or maybe turn them into a conker wreath on wire, a conker snake on string or add some pipe cleaners and googly eyes and they make great spiders for Halloween.

Just a few examples, there's so much more to discover and collect. Let us know what you add to your Natural Resources Box this Autumn.

Image by Jeremy Thomas
Pine Corn
Image by Sandie Clarke
Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞
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