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july 2021

Over Easter Wild for Life supplied our new Wild Activity Kits to families in the Northamptonshire area through #ReloadNorthants to help them connect with nature and their own personal wellbeing. The kits were sent out as part of a government’s new initiative for Local Authorities – The Holiday Activity and Food Fund.  Read more about our work in this area here….


The kits went down a storm and we received some amazing feedback:


“I was so impressed with these activities and how it was all explained…Every child should be doing this stuff as it has such purpose and benefit.”


 “My computer game obsessed 14 year old, put down his controller to support his little sister to do the activities. This was an amazing thing to see.”


“These boxes are a super clever idea. Wonderful anytime but ideal during lockdown. It really engaged my son and he has developed a new perspective on doing fun and creative outdoor activities”


The Holiday Scheme is running across the UK through all Local Authories and we are excited to announce that we will be supplying our kits to families from the North of England right down to the South.



We’ll also be giving the general public the chance to get their hands on one of our wonderful kits! The first of our Wild Activity Kits, The Big Kit of Confidence, will be on general sale through the shop on our website at the end of the month, just in time for the Summer Holidays!


The Wild for Life Wild Activity Kits are aimed at parents and carers who wish to support the emotional, physical and educational development and wellbeing of their children through nature and outdoor-led activities.  Each kit provides adults with the tools and tips to assess the wellbeing of their child in a specific area (i.e. confidence) and guide their child through a number of wild, engaging and fun activities which aim to strengthen key aspects of the kit theme.  The aim of each kit is to inspire confident, positive living through adventure and self-discovery and to develop knowledge and awareness of the natural world.

Each Kit contains quality, reusable pieces of equipment which support the activities within the box. They also includes instructions for children, task extension tips and assessment tools for adults.

The Big Kit of Confidence is aimed at 3-10 year olds and follows the journey of a young wizard trying to understand and believe in their powers. It takes children and their family on a wild, magical and adventurous journey of self-discovery.  This kit is a great way to support the wellbeing of children whilst also encouraging families to build bonds and have fun together. It is the perfect activity kit for the Summer Holidays and would make an amazing gift.


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook, as well as our website, for more exciting information about the Kits and maybe the odd promotion!

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