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supporting wellbeing & efficiency

Here at Wild for Life, we champion wellbeing and appreciate the power nature has in supporting healthy emotions, habits and physical and mental outlets. We recognise the many factors impacting both children and adults in today’s world and have worked hard to ensure our learning programme can meet and support as many of those factors as possible. The ‘My Wild Life’ programme can simultaneously support children’s and staff wellbeing and efficiency in your school.

supporting pupil wellbeing
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Our kits support children’s wellbeing by:

  • Offering fully resourced learning kits based around key themes (Change, Respect, Strength, Confidence, Friendship and Hope)

  • Giving examples of metaphors in nature, enabling children to explore and understand thoughts and emotions in a meaningful way.

  • Offering original storytelling to introduce the key theme and bring children into the process in an inviting, ‘soft start’.

  • Supporting children to verbalise their thoughts and emotions in a non-confrontational way where their hands are busy with activities, but their minds are encouraged to explore different scenarios.

  • Providing engaging craft-based activities that use ‘awe and wonder’ to capture children’s interests. We support them to complete the activities using a step-by-step guide and once they have completed them, they can take their hard work home to share with family and friends.

  • Recognising children’s success and achievements with certificates and badges upon completion of the kit.


Our kits help schools to manage efficiencies by:

  • Providing a fully resourced, planned curriculum to support children’s SEND and SEMH needs – no planning or resourcing required!

  • Supporting adults through the delivery process every step of the way. Our educator pack provides a programme overview, lesson structure advice, step-by-step delivery guidance, questioning tools, extension activities and top tips.

  • Measuring the impact of the programme using our ‘Web of Wellbeing’ – an assessment that bookends the process and can be given to SLT/governors to provide impact information with no additional work.

  • Supplying a ‘Parents/Carers Information Letter’ to introduce the ‘My Wild Life’ programme to the child’s caregivers – no additional work for you.

  • Facilitating free Zoom training for the adults delivering the programme.

  • Assisting schools to support their children’s SEND, SEMH and PP needs for less than £8 a session (based on 6x sessions per term on our annual programme).



cost neutral focus

At Wild for Life, it is our mission to support as many children and young people as possible with their physical and mental wellbeing and development. We know that in order to do this we need to work with as many schools, tutors and alternative provisions as possible. It has therefore been a key aim of ours to keep our costs as low as possible.

So, what is the true cost of rolling out the ‘My Wild Life’ programme to schools? We have crunched the numbers, grilled a few headteachers and tutors and done the maths for you.

Cost savings:

  • The ‘My Wild Life’ programme can be delivered by anyone, resulting in a cost saving on wages – approx. £270.

  • No lesson planning for your teachers, teaching assistants or SENDCOs – (1 hour per week) £950

  • No individual reporting – our ‘Web of Wellbeing’ impact tools do the hard work for you when completed at the beginning and the end of each kit, as per the programme overview. £250

  • No resources to prepare or provide – everything you need to deliver the programme is included in our kit. Better yet, our resources are as ecofriendly as possible, and many are reusable. Simply head outside and forage for natural materials to enhance it further. £5 per class per week - £190

Total cost savings: £1660

Cost of the ‘My Wild Life’ programme for a group of 6 children for a full academic year -£1620.


If this has helped you to understand the true cost of the ‘My Wild Life’ programme and its delivery in your school, reach out to one of the team at today.

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