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wild ideas

stubborn stars

creating beautiful decorations to help retain boundaries

you will need:

  • A selection of natural items, the brighter the better

  • A piece of reasonably stiff cardboard (a recycled cardboard box is ideal)

  • String, wool or elastic bands

  • LED lights (optional)

wild advice:
If your child is pushing boundaries this activity can be a great way to start conversations about the space that we share and how we all have to work within that. Sometimes you may have to cut the wild materials that you have gathered so they fit within the shape you have made. This enables discussions about how we have to live within our own spaces - school, home - in order to live harmoniously with each other.


getting started:

- Gather sticks, berries, feathers, items with an interesting texture that can be threaded.

- Design a shape with a festive theme - a star or a Christmas tree are ideal.

- Wrap your string, wool or elastic bands randomly around the shape to make a web and tie off at the back.

- Start to thread or weave the items through the web to gradually build up your pattern.

***add a few led lights if you want that extra festive feel***


pushing boundaries
Is your child acting defiantly, not listening, being stubborn and always trying to get more out of a situation?

Maybe they are threatening to run away or refusing to interact with others?

This activity is a great way to encourage your child to think about the consequences of pushing boundaries. It’s also a good way to use up some of the cardboard boxes from the Christmas deliveries!

You can do this activity at any time of the year by just adapting the shape you make.

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