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wild activity kits


how to order your kits

Our new annual programme of MY WILD LIFE kits for the academic year 23/24 is available to order now.


Individual kits are £50 each (one kit per pupil per half term).

Each themed kit can be bought individually or you can sign up to the Annual Programme of kits where you’ll receive the latest kits at the start of every half term until the end of the academic year.  A 5% discount is automatically applied to the price when you sign up to the Annual Programme and is charged at £285 (this is for 1x 6 individually themed kits or an annual programme of kits for one pupil).

The kit currently available for individual purchases is: MY WILD KIT OF CHANGE.

The other kits will become available for order prior to the start of each new half term in this order:

Term 1 – September Delivery -          My Wild Kit of CHANGE

Term 2 – November Delivery-            My Wild Kit of RESPECT

Term 3 – January Delivery-                 My Wild Kit of CONFIDENCE

Term 4 – Mid February Delivery -    My Wild Kit of STRENGTH

Term 5 – April Delivery -                      My Wild Kit Kit of FRIENDSHIP

Term 6 - June Delivery -                       My Wild Kit of HOPE

Annual programme subscribers will receive the kits automatically in this order from the point that they sign up.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about our kits.

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