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Summer has blessed us with a wide selection of delicious, goodies for you to forage.


Tools Needed​

  • Gloves

  • A wildflower guide book or app

  • Scissors or secateurs

  • A small bad, tub or basket

  • Feature Flower

things you need

The summer foraging season is packed with sweet, perfumed and delicious wild ingredients which you can collect from the wild and incorporate into your cooking back at home.

Always make sure you follow these three simple rules when out foraging:

  • Only pick items that you can be certain to identify

  • Make sure that you leave plenty for our wild friends who depend on plants and do not destroy natural ecostystems, habitats and food sources.

  • Try to avoid roadsides, edges of fields which have been sprayed or anywhere else where dogs or other animals may use as a toilet!


Health Benefits

1. Digestive Health

Meadowsweet herb is unrivalled as a digestive aid. It reduces acidity while soothing and protecting the mucous membranes of the digestive system and stomach lining.


2. Anti-flammatory

Meadowsweet is an anti-inflammatory plant that contains salicylic acid.

Most illnesses are now considered to be caused by persistent low-level inflammation, making this herb a valuable addition to your natural health arsenal.


3. Immune System​

Immunomodulatory effects of meadowsweet preparations derived from both the flowers and roots of the plant have been established in studies. Meadowsweet has significant amounts of phenolic chemicals in all sections of the plant, including ulmarioside, a newly discovered flavonoid glycoside that is unique to Meadowsweet.

look out for

In each newsletter, we will feature a flower that grows wild and is accessible to all of us, but we may not know much about it or what Wild powers it possesses? This time we are featuring



July is a great month to try Meadowsweet.

The blossoms have a sweet almond aroma and the leaves have a lovely cucumber flavour. Homemade teas, cordials, wines and sorbets can all benefit from the addition of this flower.



Meadowsweet is in full flower in July. It grows best where there is moisture, so look for it along ditches and in bogs, marshes and at the edges of watercourses.



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