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w4l newsletter

autumn 2020

wild ideas for... bonfire night
using fire to discuss anger

Fire provides us with many natural metaphors to lead us into a discussion about Anger. Anger is a hot, impulsive and potentially distructive emotion. It can simmer or rage. It is natural and man-made. It can be red, sparky and difficult to control. 


Often angry outbursts are the end product of something else brewing deeply inside. Anxiety, stress, trauma, sadness in many forms can lead to anger.  With any difficult emotion, it is always important to identify the root cause and the triggers to help overcome these challenging emotions.

If you feel you need to open up a discussion around anger with children to help you to identify the reasons behind emotions, here's our fiery top tips:

Discuss how to make a fire - the risks involved, the materials needed, how it is built up.

Ask questions:

  • What makes it ignite or spark? What sparks a fire inside you?

  • How would you describe the flames? The colours? How do they make you feel?

  • What makes you feel angry? What colours do you associate with anger?

  • What happens when the flames grow / your emotions heighten?

  • What happens when the flame dies down? How do you feel when you calm down?

  • How does the fire get put out? What settles your emotions and makes you feel safe and happy again?


Discuss how a fire can start off large, like our emotions and they can then simmer down when managed carefully in a safe space by a responsible person. Identify

Enjoy Guy Fawkes Night and stay safe.

Image by Wes Hicks

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