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autumn ideas

wild ideas for... autumn
observe - autumn scavenger hunt

There is nothing better than heading out into the countryside on a crisp, sunny Autumn day for a long walk. Autumn is a fantastic season to rouse the senses - there is so much to see, smell, hear, touch and taste.  Animals are busy building snug homes for the winter or gathering nuts and berries for their stores. Birds are migrating or plucking juicy fruits from the hedgerows or grubs from the ground. The leaves are changing from bright green to rich and fiery reds, yellows and purples. Mushrooms are popping up in magical fairy rings, or in lines or clusters in woodland, parks, fields and gardens.

To help you discover some of this season's treats, we've put together a scavenger hunt sheet which you can download here.  It adds another dimension to your regular walk and is lovely family activity.

Let us know if you find all 12 items on the list. If you are looking for more wild activities, check out our instagram page.


Good luck hunters!

autumn scavenger hunt W4L.jpg
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