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Every year 11.7m working days are lost to stress, depression and anxiety (according to the CIPD 2019 Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey).


We know that stress manifests itself across all areas of life and stress at work spills over into homelife and vice versa.


Enlightened employers who value their teams have long looked for ways to assist employees to create a better work/life balance in this modern age where achieving digital balance is so closely linked to health and wellbeing.


Going “Wild in the Workplace” offers employers the chance for their teams to connect with nature on a whole different level. 

The experiences that we offer are fun, different and, most importantly, will assist in delivering some simple transferable learning that can be adopted in life.  We want to help people make a few small life changes that in turn will result in a BIG difference in managing mental and physical health.

There's more than this though ... we hope to inspire you to make some of these experiences a way of life, for you and your families. Wouldn't it be better to look out of your window and see excitement, well-being and stretch, in preference to focusing on other less healthy activities?  Building a chair from scratch or crafting a door wreath for Christmas may become your pastime of choice!

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Strategies, courses and away days designed to inspire, motivate and improve employee wellbeing.

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