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three's a crowd?

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I live with my 10 year old daughter and my 67 year old mum. My mum works for Tesco so is having to continue going to work. My daughter’s school has closed and I am working from home and home schooling. 


How did you and your family feel when you heard that the country would go into lockdown at the end of March?

Worry, shock, concern, uncertainties. Worried for my mum as she works at Tesco so she’s still having to go into work and then worried as she’s coming back into the house with my daughter here, who she could be coming into contact with. 


How did you feel about the epidemic and the government's response to it?

I was angry as I felt more could have been done quicker to prevent things getting so out of control and wide spread. We could have learned more from what was happening in other countries. 


What were your initial reactions and responses?

I was worried about the choices I should make regarding my daughter seeing her dad, we all use FaceTime anyway so luckily we were used to this app. I was worried for my dad as well as he lives on his own. 


What was the main impact on your daily life/ routine?

We are a very outdoor, active family so this has had a huge impact on our life. We had so many plans for Easter holidays that all involve exploring outside all over the UK so it’s been really hard to be restricted as to what we can do. We have a dog and I also walk my friends dogs (who works at the hospital) so this is good to encourage us out as much as we can. 


How did you feel at that time?

Sad, upset, scared, worried.

How was the first week with social distancing, have you or anyone you know contracted Corona Virus?

It was a bit of a novelty at first and was quite easy to make it exciting. No school for a 10 year old is fun at first. Shopping scared me, I had a panic attack the first time I went into a supermarket as there were still so many people and no one seemed to be taking things particularly seriously, it was a horrible atmosphere and just really uncomfortable.

What has been the response of others around you?

We have set up virtual get-togethers. I try and keep contact with friends and family regularly and my slimming world meeting is online now. It kind of keeps things slightly normally still being able to ’see’ people. I think everyone is the same with emotions going up and down and everyone pulling together to get through this.


How has the lockdown affected your relationships with family and friends?

We are a very close family so this has affected us hugely. My mum is suffering massively as she can’t see her other children and grandchildren. We are very sociable so it’s been very difficult. 

How closely are you following the advice from the government?

​Very closely. We are doing everything that we are advised to do. 


Has you screen time increased and if so what are you spending your time online doing? 

Yes but my daughter uses it as a contact with her friends so I feel this is important. Plus a lot of her school work is now online as well. 

I have been doing online courses to increase my knowledge in areas that interest me. 


Can you describe how have your emotions changed since lockdown began and in particular what has influenced these changes?

I was very scared and concerned as first. But I have started meditating and uses mindfulness and I feel this has helped me massively and put things into a bit of perspective for me. I have also done a Reiki course and this has been really helpful for me. I feel much calmer as each day goes on. My motto is ‘one day at a time’.

Can you see any positives coming out of this period?

I really hope so. I think it has made people appreciate a lot more things in life. And realise it’s the little things that mean more. Money and power doesn’t give you any real priority in life and people who you wouldn’t think about normally have become invaluable to us in this time. Nature is coming back and people have been forced to slow down and stop. I hope people will take all this on board and appreciate things. 


Do you think that after CV you will make any changes in your life going forward?

Definitely. I will not take anything for granted from meeting up with friends for a coffee, to being able to travel, spending time with friends and family and just slow down and appreciate things / people. I hope people will carry on showing appreciation to what other people do. I hope the world will be a more caring place. 

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