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face to face with nature

rewilding your family life...

​Face to face with nature is an exciting new programme devised by outdoor learning experts Wild for Life.  It aims to put families in control of understanding and managing really great mental and physical wellbeing using nature and the outdoors. The programme also aims to bring the family unit together in exciting, challenging and adventurous ways.

the programme
Families will work with a designated Wild for Life coach who will set outdoor or nature led activities and challenges which encourage teamwork, fun, discovery and reflection. At the end of the five week programme, we hope that families will come out with a better understanding of their relationships and overall wellbeing, as well as a chest full of memories which will last a life time.

who is it for?
The programme has been devised for family units including adults and children (up to 12 years old) of any shape, size or blend. The beauty of F2F with Nature, is that it is tailored specifically to you and your family.


The programme is based on the things you enjoy, the challenges you face as a family unit and your own personal goals. It is fun, interactive, promotes overall health and, with support from your own wild coach, it will encourage you to really make great choices about how to spend family time and collectively to deal with life’s ups and downs. Hopefully, you will all learn something new along the way too.


are you ready to go wild?

We are searching for families who would like to take part in a pilot for Face to Face in the Central Bedfordshire area. If you are interested in finding out more, please email info@wildforlife.co.uk or call 01234 881871

we are following social distancing guidelines on all of our courses