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new w4l support line for teachers

april 2020

Calls to Educational Helplines for teachers requiring support have increased by 28% since Covid 19 entered our lives.

At Wild for Life, we understand the role that teachers hold in the lives of the children that they teach, and the additional responsibilities that are taken on in the broader network of families and other agencies.

In addition to the emotional and educational support you are offering. you may also be having to cope with restricted budgets, challenging behaviour, complex issues with peers and staffing as well as now the Covid 19 response. This is all in addition to the life that you have outside of school and the added pressures that are there too.

So, we are offering our services free of charge to help you cope.

If you require confidential, inspirational or creative problem solving or just a listening ear or sounding board then we are here to support you. If you simply want to share your thoughts or feelings then please get in touch.


Call 07496 676146 or click here and fill out the contact us form, outlining the subject that you would like to discuss, and we will arrange a convenient time for you to have a confidential support session with a member of our team of professionals.

We are not offering a counselling service, and in the event that you require that kind of assistance we would suggest that you reach out to @Educationsupport. However, we are offering an empathetic, independent and confidential space and time to “go wild” with your feelings, emotions or frustrations with the object of being able to continue on in your desire to help and support yourself and others.

Please do reach out, we are here to help.

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