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Communities are the backbone of our society. Active communities can literally change the lives of those within them and create a cycle of positivity, belonging, inclusivity, ownership and consideration for others. This, in turn, becomes a legacy for the next generation to follow and build upon.

We work with charities, voluntary organisations and public sector bodies such as the police, NHS and Department of Education as well as rural organisations, to increase awareness about the numerous community activities that exist.  This enables us to become more active and engaged in the world around us.


We will signpost schools and families to people and places where there is sustainable ongoing support, so this activity becomes a 360 degree offering, not something only to be experienced in school, at home or in isolated parts of their life.


Our values-based approach will focus on positive relationships, tolerance, kindness, justice and altruism and we will model these values through our work.

We will publicise positive activities for families in our local area and through social media and charitable events try to encourage participation and engagement in outdoor nature-based activities for all.


If you have events or ideas about other ways we can contribute to our communities please do get in touch.

check out our wild ideas page for activities to do on your own, with family or friends that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


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