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wild activity kits -
new, limited edition kit
for spring, now on sale!


Get hold of one of our new, limited edition kits in time for the Easter Holidays!


Our Wild Activity kits are a fun, creative and adventurous platform to help you and your child to learn about positive emotional and physical development together.


Aimed at adults caring for or working with children aged 4-12, our Wild Activity Kits provide you and your child with a range of imaginative and engaging activities, inspired by the natural world around us, which also support wellbeing.


Following each kit’s theme (e.g. change, confidence etc.), children are encouraged to take part in four core activities which involve craft, growing, cooking and nature and introduce key topics relating to the box's overall theme in a friendly and inspiring way. The kits help children to feel confident, prepared, aware and supported.


Adults are provided with a toolkit which enables them to have a better understanding of their child’s overall wellbeing. The assessment tools, activity extension suggestions and tips and advice allow adults to evaluate how their child is developing in a particular area, their strengths and where they may need extra support. Most importantly, the activities promote time together and shared experiences, as well as an opportunity to build relationships, talk and listen and discover together.


The Big Kit of Change –
Easter Holidays Limited Edition!


Wild for Life is excited to launch a new kit inspired by Spring. On sale from today, the kit includes four fun, springtime inspired activities for children which touch on the topic of dealing with change.


Aimed at primary-aged children, 4-12 year olds, this kit takes them on an imaginative journey with a seed as it changes through the seasons and then fulfils its potential. The four activities in the kit align to different stages of the seed’s journey and how they relate to changes in a child’s own life.


All activities in the kit encourage children to be adventurous, get outdoors and be inspired by the world around them. They also introduce new skills, knowledge and experiences. Children are encouraged to take the lead on all activities, but adults are also welcome to join in the fun!



  • 4 core activities plus activity extension suggestions

  • Equipment required to complete the tasks

  • Story and instruction sheets for children

  • Toolkit of advice, information and assessments sheets for adults

This kit contains cooking activities – we have included ingredients which are 100% vegan and gluten free.


Activities include:

  • Going Underground – DIY wormery

  • Growing Up – An edible planting activity

  • Eggcellent Me! - Make chocolate eggs (vegan and GF) and a cosy nest

  • Rising to the Challenge – Bread making activity (DF, GF)


For more information and to purchase a kit, please visit our web shop.

Kit price includes delivery (2-3 days)

Please note, we only deliver to addresses within the UK.

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